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In the same way as Lego fits together, your home can be designed to your specifications with your finishes and interiors. Starting small and adding on later is a great option for the creative home owner of today and the future.



Even though Shipping Container Homes have been around for years, it has only been in the last 5 years that the building technique has become a viable alternative option. Through innovative insulation techniques, latest building materials and expertise built up over years, the container home is now a beautiful, sustainable way of building your dream house.

Why use Containers for

my home?

There are many reasons to use Shipping Containers as a building structure. One reason is that you can have your home delivered to you within 30 – 45 days from ordering.

If you cannot stand the thought of building rubble and a big mess in your garden from building rubble, please consider our container homes as a viable alternative

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We manufacture the homes off—site at our manufacturing facilities in the Western Cape and Gauteng. They are delivered to your installation site complete and ready to move in.

There is hardly any mess at your installation site. No building rubble, no waiting for the builders every day, no security issues and definitely no fuss on your part.

Expandable. Your home is indefinitely expandable depending on the space available. Adding a new room or an extra living area is much easier and quicker than a normal build.

Let your imagination run wild. Even though we have standard designs, we can easily change any interior to suit your needs. Add an extra bathroom, Change the kitchen or wall colours, or move the door to a different side. Anything is possible.


Our designer homes can be designed with you in mind. Add extra rooms or make a huge central living area. Add a second story or design your dream deck with a hot tub and outside shower. Your dreams are our command.
Our exteriors can be clad in various options in order to enhance the look of your home. You can get a partial or complete eco-friendly clad to disguise the container steel by adding a deck, the total living space of your home will be increased. We advise that a deck is an essential extra for our homes.

  • We offer many optional extras in our homes.  Below is a list of some of our options
  • Solar Power Electricity
  • Odorless Self composting toilet
  • Gas Stove / hot water heater
  • Deck Space (please indicate size required)
  • Pergola Shade netting or roof for the deck
  • Flat roof covering the entire structure (recommended) – This reduces heat in the container home and also protects the roof of the container ensuring a much longer maintenance free home.
  • Security features required. Burglar bars, Security Gate, Alarm system, Outdoor lighting.
  • Window Treatments (Blinds, Curtain Rails, window tinting and UV treatment
  • Air-conditioning. We can also pre-install all the piping and electrical points if required. This will ensure an easy installation at a later stage if you ever decide to install air-conditioning.
  • Rainwater tank. (this is available ONLY if a covering roof is installed)
  • Grey water tank.
  • Outside Cladding of partial or complete walls
  • Fully Furnished options.
  • Architectural drawings and council approval.

Our homes are a complete readymade house. Everything you may need is included already. From the bathroom, kitchen, plumbing and electricity, to complete insulation and built in cupboards. The home is delivered to your site complete and ready to move in.


Our homes are easily connected to existing utilities like electricity, water and sewage. This is NOT included in our quote, and it is advisable to contact your local experts to ascertain the connection costs involved.

Container Homes are very versatile, and can be moved.  This makes it an ideal investment for temporary or permanent accommodation.

Other Uses include:

  • Second Rental Income house
  • B&B
  • Guest House accommodation
  • Add on accommodation to your home
  • Labor Accommodation
  • Holiday Homes (Lock-up-and-go)
  • Movable temporary accommodation
  • Hunting Lodges
  • Spa and resort accommodation
  • Your Home!

Let your imagination run wild. We can build your Dream Home just the way you want it for a fraction of the cost. Designer Homes are not out of reach any more. We will help you plan and design your home. Then we will make it a reality.


In order to effectively plan a new home, we bring in the experts from Tromp Architecten. They know how to bring out the best of any space with creative thinking within a confines space.
They will help with the plans as well as the Council approval of your build.

Our standard


Option 1

Option 1

Option 2

Option 2 Plan

Option 3

Option 3

Option 4

Option 4

Option 5

Option 5

Option 6

Option 6

Option 7

Option 7

We also manufacture the following

Other Conversions

You may need something else.

All our container conversions are manufactured from either 6m or 12m Shipping Containers which are waterproof and export quality.

Mobile Kitchens

Coffee Shops and Juice Bars

Bars and restaurants

Site Offices

Retail Space

Pop-up shopsContemporary design

Ablution Blocks

Where we


We deliver throughout South and Southern Africa. We export to most countries which include Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and any country reachable by land or sea.

We now offer


We now offer financing on all our conversions and homes. We can finance homes as well as container conversions of various shapes and sizes. Repay your home within 3 – 10 years depending on the finance option required. Contact Henry. for details.

Do you have some questions?


Below are the most frequent questions we get asked. I’m sure your question will be answered there, if not do not hesitate to contact me.

How much is a container house in South Africa?

They start off from R150 000 excl VAT and can range anything up to R2million

Do I need Plans, and who can help me with a design?

Container Home SA can assist with designing your Container Home. We can also assist with municipal approval and site planning where required.

How long do container homes last?

You should expect your containers to last for at least twenty-five years without any problems. If you maintain the containers and keep on top of any rust then you can expect your containers to last longer.

Do container homes need planning permission?

Container housing often does not need planning permission because it is not considered to be permanent. … However, the rules vary in different parts of the country, so you should contact your local planning authority (LPA) for a definitive answer regarding your site.

We assist our clients to ascertain what the local rules are, and we help in getting the necessary permissions and approvals

Is building with shipping containers cheap?

The general consensus is that shipping container homes are cheaper to build than conventional housing. Ted Crowe says that that really depends on the situation, but shipping containers reduce costs dramatically in areas where it’s difficult to erect regular housing, such as sloping blocks of land

Do shipping container homes rust?

shipping container is a special, non corrosive Corten steel; then, when coated with the Ceramic coating, it becomes virtually rust proof and also prevents mildew, mold and is highly antiseptic. There will be no rust problems if you use Certified paint to paint your home

Do shipping container homes need a foundation?

With shipping container homes, the concrete piers are generally laid at each corner of the container. … You save a lot of time and money with pier foundations because you don’t need to excavate a lot of earth at all. You only need to excavate the ground for the piers, which are generally 50 cm X 50 cm X 50 cm.

How do you insulate a shipping container home?

We use the maximum insulation available in our container homes.  We must comply with the conductivity calculations as set out by the SANS regulations.  We achieve an R value of 3.78 in the ceiling, and 2.90 in the walls.  Windows do make a huge difference in looks, but reduce the insulation factor dramatically.  Plan for double glazing if possible.

Can I put a container in my backyard?

In some instances, yes. If you do not have a suitable place to put the container on your property it can sometimes be put on a grass verge or in a parking bay outside your house. You do need to obtain permission from your local council to do this

What are the benefits of shipping container homes?

Durability – Cargo containers have been built to withstand the elements of sea travel, such as strong winds, harsh rain, etc. This means that container homes are not going to leak, they’ll stand up to extreme weather conditions and, some even claim, are earthquake proof and hurricane proof.

What is the average price of a shipping container?

BEWARE OF SCAMMERS.  Cheap containers found on the internet is generally a scam.  Especially if they include free delivery, or free doors welded in.

A 12m Good condition container can go for R40 000 – R60 000, and a good condition 6m container for R25 000 – R30 000

How to avoid the Container Sale Scammers.

  1. Check the company details thoroughly
  2. Never accept a quote from a g-mail or yahoo account
  3. Go and see the container before you pay. If you select one..  Put a mark on it so you get the right one delivered to you
  4. Cheap equals scam..

Isn’t a container home very hot or very cold?

We insulate our container homes which very effectively controls the heat and cold inside the Container Home.  A Large chunk of the building cost is exclusively for insulation of the interior.

Another way to control the temperature is to put a roof over the entire structure.  This not only controls the interior temperature, but helps protect the containers from the weather.


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